Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn blooming

10-22-09 perplexed brain
During the nice few days of weather this week, I’ve been walking around the neighborhood enjoying the beautiful autumn scenery with my new eyes. The colors seem more vivid to me and I am now able to see individual leaves at tree top level with my new 20/20 vision.

I was in my friend’s yard looking at her new dog fence when I spotted this iris in bloom. Isn’t this bizarre? My iris plants only bloom in the early summer.

I have no explanation for this; except it must be the strange energy coming from Sue’s house. Sue has an interesting, unpredictable, topsy-turvy life; which I don’t mean in a negative way…. But leave it to Sue to have something unusual growing in her yard.... well I suppose it could happen in my yard as well! ?

I think the lesson is BLOOM any opportunity you can!

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  1. And you can bloom when the conditions aren't always perfect! Persevere!