Monday, October 19, 2009

One small step toward cleanliness

10-19-09 clean brain
I did it! I’m so proud of myself! This weekend I woke up Saturday morning and was in the mood to remove the summer clothes from my closet and switch out to my winter clothes.

That really didn’t take long and it was nice to have the hanging clothes organize, which in turn, motivated me to continue cleaning the rest of the walk-in closet.

Our walk-in closet was part of our master bathroom addition to our bedroom done in 2000–2001. Sad to say this has been only the 3rd time I’ve deeply cleaned the closet in 8 years, so yes, it was over due.

I took everything out and steam mopped the floor. Here is the dirt I was living with! PS: I love my new Shark Steam cleaner!

At the midway point of cleaning I typically get so discouraged, since things are more chaotic then when I started, but I persevered and completed the project.

My cleaning also inspired Greg, which really surprised me since he was watching the Hawkeyes play football. At half time he came up and started looking through his things. Much of this he doesn’t wear, since the majority of his clothes are now in the KC house.

Greg cleaned out old pants and shirts and he had a pile two feet high for our DAV donation this year.

So after this satisfying cleaning session Saturday day, we then “got to have fun” by having dinner out with our friends Ann and Roy, whom we had not seen since Easter!.

This is MY kind of Saturday......You accomplish some work and you also have some relaxing fun time with friends. Today, I’m in a better mood starting the week out!


  1. now i need to do the same...and seeing your shoe rack makes me realize that's exactly what i need in my closet! happy week!

  2. My summer clothes are out of my closet but haven't made it upstairs yet. It's sad to bring down your winter clothes in one hand :(. Guess I need to do some shopping. I think I'll keep one pair of capri's for that indian summer day we will still have :)

  3. I need to do this also..... yesterday I was looking for shoes and just kept saying, "just give me any two that match, that is all I am asking for!"

  4. Excellent job. I'll have to do that this weekend. Have you tried the fabric Joy Mango..something like that.

  5. A Clean closet can save time! Plastic hangers for me.... no wire please!