Monday, October 12, 2009

Change HAS come

10-12-09 altered brain
Some people are looking for a miracle with bold signs of wonderment…… when sometimes all that is needed is some grace brought about by one small gesture, one small step.

Change comes in small baby steps, one choice at a time; just ask anyone who is trying to lose weight like my friend Kelley. Kelley has lost 12 lbs in 4-5 weeks on Weight Watchers. She has not met her final goal yet, but she is actively doing the hard work to change her body and life into a more healthy one, and I think she deserves some credit. The momentum she has created is taking her in the direction of successfully meeting her goal.

Likewise, the world has changed and is changing thanks to Obama. Too slow for some, too radical for others.

On Facebook last night there was a poll site where people can participate in the vote. The questions: Did Obama deserve to win the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize?

Well, he wouldn’t have been my first choice, but then I’m not on the Nobel Committee, BUT in the Facebook poll I did vote YES!

Yes, because he has already changed the world's mind set towards us, the USA, and changed peoples outlook towards the future. If the only thing he gets done in the 4 years as President is to give some great speeches which inspire us (the world) with hope, inspire us to strive to be better people, and to change our attitudes about other people different than ourselves, then his effect on the world is HUGE!

My question is: Do you have an open and willing heart to follow the lead of President Obama and help make the world a better place for others as well as yourself?


  1. You're a great friend, Judy... but I must say no. We need more than a President who gives great speeches to inspire us. I believe that there is more at stake than social issues... the economic impact of what he is doing will have a greater impact on us (the world) and no matter how open or willing my heart is, I do not see it as change for the good. So there it is... I'm going out on a limb to even say this as the last time I gave my political view, it wasn't pretty :) It isn't Obama I am against; no matter who was standing there in the Oval Office, I'd have the same opinion. The government should not be involved in private industry regulating compensation, the government should not own car companies... and we surely do not need government sponsored health care. We all know the mess Medicare, Medicaid, the VA system is in... all government run. It's time we think with our heads instead of our hearts. your friend (I hope), Renee

  2. Friends can disagree. Thanks for your comments and taking the time to write.

    Remember President Bush started the bail outs last fall and Obama has inherited some big challenges.

  3. Yep, I am aware of that and I didn't agree with it then... so... on a lighter note:


  4. THAT is something! Cold game, but very enjoyable I'm sure!