Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun weekend: part I

10-26-09 relaxing brain

Saturday in KC was so nice. The trees here are at their peak color so Greg and I went for a long walk. In the evening, we went down to the Plaza to view the “Water Fire" event. I didn’t know anything about it, so didn’t have any expectations of what this might involve. This ended up being pretty cool.

It’s a bit of performance art in a way, and a bit of a light display. There were dozens of floating bonfires along the creek that runs along the south side of the Plaza. There was music; some was live, and some was recorded. There also was some fire jugglers, and of course food vendors.

We enjoyed a stroll along the walkway next to the creek, then headed back south to old downtown Overland Park where there is a sports bar that hosts the Iowa Hawkeye fan club of KC. Iowa was playing Michigan Stage and was hoping to continue their winning streak.

We arrived at the start of the 4th quarter, which ended up being the most important quarter of the game. The score tied at 6. There was excitement when the Hawks went ahead 9 to 6, then sadness when the score shifted to 9 to 13. The clock was running out and the pressure was on! WOW, I still can’t believe they scored a touchdown on the last seconds of play. The Hawks record is now 8 wins, 0 losses.

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