Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun weekend: part III

10-28-09 shifting gears brain
I forgot to mention that Friday night in KC, Greg and I attended an art exhibit of Andy Warhol's which was at the Union Station. This was very cool. My weekend of fun in KC WAS to continue through Monday night. Greg had bought us tickets to the Bruce Springsteen concert for my birthday.

Unfortunately, Monday night when we arrived at the Sprint Center about 45 minutes before show time, we found out that the show had recently been cancelled. Turns out Springsteen's cousin and road manager had died in his hotel room, occurring just a few hours before the show was to start.

Yes, I was disappointed, but I have much more fun activities scheduled this week in Des Moines as part of my B-day celebration. Tonight dinner with some girlfriends.

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  1. I had been playing Springsteen music from my iPod, I use to own almost all his albums, now have many on CD. I love this music in the late 70's, nice change from the disco music I was dancing to in the clubs at college.