Friday, October 30, 2009

TGIF B-day

10-30-09 celebrating brain

It’s Friday and it’s my B-day…. How fun is that!?
I’ve been celebrating all week long; first a fun weekend, last week in KC with Greg (my best friend), and then lunch with Teresa and Chelsea in KC.

Wednesday, a few girlfriends in DM took me to dinner and they came with fun gifts. I took this picture only of THEM and said they reminded me of “ The Three Wise woMEN” baring gifts….. they are part of my “Wise Miss” group of females who have inspired me and their friendship makes my life richer, supported, and worth living.

Thursday night I attended a Mystery Theater Dinner at my church, Westminster, put on by two talented actor friends Dan & Carol. I took Vivian with me, who fills the role as my aunt and 2nd mother type. We had fun and I turned out to be the killer! Although I never did understand what motivated me. We all hated Mr. Nasty, I still think Goldie did it. This was my first Murder Mystery, so I'll understand more the next time around.

Tonight will be dinner out with Greg, and Trick or Treat night in Des Moines.
Saturday night is annual Hoot & Howl dress up night attending a spooky organ recital which includes silly Halloween skits put on by very talented people in Des Moines.

Actually my celebration continues on for another weekend as well. My friend Molly will come to town for an art show and we will also be gathering for lunch with other girlfriends next Saturday.

Love is all I need in my life to make it worth living another year older! I’m so blessed to have family and friends who love me unconditionally.


  1. Keep Celebrating Judy...I love birthday parties that never end! Have a day filled with laughter and love!

  2. Another fun part of my birthday day is getting emails and cards from old friends that you don't hear from too often. Thanks Lori for you greeting today!

  3. You live a charmed liou share it w/ so many. Glad to be a wise woMEN. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow night.

  4. Glad you are having a wonderful birthday, and that I get to be part of the last act. See you soon.