Friday, October 9, 2009

October BOO

10-9-09 goblin brain
Thursday night I got BOO’ed!
This has been a neighborhood tradition on our Des Moines street for a number of years. I usually enjoy starting the BOO’s around October 1st, but this year I was too busy and someone beat me to it, although I have been collecting items to put in a BOO Bag for several weeks now.

Getting BOO’ed means you receive a bag of Halloween goodies at your front door with a signed placed on your door letting everyone know you have been BOO’ed.

This year I received the best looking BOO bag that I have ever seen!

The BOO tradition then calls for you to BOO another person in the neighborhood and it is fun to watch the BOO’s slowly show up on everyone’s door during the month of October, as it spreads from house to house.

BOO goodies received and given can be anything which might be enjoyed by the particular person you are preparing the bag for. Candy is OK, plus other Halloween stuff. Whoever BOO'ed me this year, did a nice job of picking silly but functional things out!

I like a BOO bag that doesn't have too much candy in it so I'm not tempted to get high on sugar! This BOO bag had only one small bag of cookies.... which I already ate in a matter of minutes.


  1. what fun! kinda like getting a may day basket at your door :) i should do that in my neighborhood!


  2. I can email you the enclosure we use in the bags, start getting your bag ready, I'll email Sunday.