Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wedded bliss

10-10-09 reminiscing brain
Today is a special day! It was 17 years ago that Greg and I had our wonderful wedding day. Boy we all were thinner back then and Greg had no grey hair!

My memories revolve around the love I felt from Greg as well as from family and friends who were there to share the day with us.

AND I remember that delicious tasting wedding cake... almond flavor!

This year our anniversary will be low-key. Greg and I are spending the weekend visiting my parents in northern Iowa along with my sister who is visiting. I don't need or want anything else. Love is all I need..... and I'm blessed to have tons of that in my life!

I will be toasting "the most wonderful man in the world".... and asking him to put up with me for at least another 17 years.


  1. here's to the rest of your life...together.
    Happy Anniversary (how many times have I said that to you in the past two days?)

  2. Happy Anniversary, thanks for letting me be a part of your wonderful day.

  3. Happy anniversary kids....first, Judy you are hotttt in this pic and that really you?
    And the cake, almost as tall as you two.

    Two stud muffins marrying 17 years ago.

    love you guys!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I didn't realize we were married the same year! Oh, the white stockings and shoes....gasp!