Saturday, October 31, 2009

This is scary!

10-31-09 freaking out brain
A few years ago, I remember watching an Oprah Show which had a gal on it who had written a book bemoaning her aging neck. At the time I had thought how silly is that? There are more important things to worry about than your neck!

Easy for me to say, I was only 50 then and still looking OK.
Well, THIS birthday- age 54, sadly, things are NOT looking so favorable for MY neck!

The decline has started for sure!

However, I’m trying to focus on the truly important things in life:
I’m happier now than ever, have more healthy relationships than I did at a younger age, wonderful family and friends, I have meaningful work in cancer research, a passion for my art, and I’m married to a wonderful man. I’m active and basically pretty healthy.

LIFE IS GOOD in spite of this sagging neck line.


  1. LOL - I've started wearing scarves.. they're quite stylish and no one knows what's under there! Judy, you're so right, though. Life is good. We shouldn't worry about things that don't matter...easier said than done!

  2. I have noticed this week how hard we are on ourselves...and not just the 3 of us. It goes from teen to 70. I think we can and should be more gentle with ourselves. Our bodies have carried the stress of many years. We wouldn't be who we are without those life lessons. :)