Thursday, October 1, 2009

New inspiration

10-1-09 right brain

Over my long weekend trip to KC I met one of my new neighbors! WOW, I hit the jackpot with this one!

First of all she is an energetic dynamo of a lady, probably in her 60's, petite, thin, does yoga every morning, owns a Mini Cooper like me.... AND she is an ARTIST!

Actually, the whole family is into art, her husband, her grown daughter and granddaughter too.

We had a brief but lovely visit during this trip to KC and I hope more visits will follow. However, her life is a bit more eccentric than mine. They live in two houses, like I, however their second home is in Belize! They have lived there for many years, spending at least half their time there.

I had the opportunity to view the art in her home in KC and was very inspired.... so much so when I came back to DM I headed straight to the art store to stock up on paint and spent two hours last night having some fun. I'm experimenting with acrylic paint at the moment. Pouring paint and not using a brush.

I feel so blessed to have found an art mentor in KC; along with all my mentor-artist friends in DM.
Here is to "toenail sketch" view!

PS: "click" on the smaller picture at the top to get a close up view!
Weird... I know, but I'm liking it!


  1. Special note to Alice: my new neighbor was into weaving and textile art for 30 years, now for 10 years is mostly watercolor.

  2. I really like it - wow a whole different sensation comes out of that sunflower. Your talent continues to amaze me :)

  3. Very cool... so you poured the paint on the canvas!? Love it.

  4. You recover very fast judy, so pour the paint and then use a brush?

  5. Wow Judy that is amazing, the close-up is fascinating!

  6. For some reason I just love watching the paint move together!