Monday, August 16, 2010

"Abide in Me"

8-16-10 accomplished brain

Sneak peek!
Glad to be in a creative period this month of August, and have the time to work on several art projects. Here is a sneak peek at the results I came up with for the Westminster Church Fall Art Show. I am fascinated by it all… It was an interesting process.

The topic given to us artists this year was- Images of God: Perception and Reality. That is pretty wide open and it will be very interesting to see how the different artists interpret this. I love the variety which usually happens during these church art shows.

I posted awhile back a blog of the starting point for me Here.

My ending point did turn out different than I expected, which is always a fun progress to see where the creative spirit will lead me.

Sometime this summer I heard a sermon by Andy Stanley dealing with John 15. This familiar scripture, at that point in time, took on new meaning for me, and really inspired me personally with my faith, and also inspired this piece of artwork.

Here is my draft write up of what I will submit for the Art Show brochure:

“Abide in me”
By Judy Sebern Beachy

(4 x 4 foot acrylic)
My perception of God and my daily reality, which is my relationship with Jesus, has been shaped by the Scripture John 15. Through faith experiences, I have found my daily connection with Jesus (the vine) can produce much fruit, not by me, but through me (the branch). I need not worry about the details of life, if I simply abide in, connect to, and be in intertwined in a relationship with Jesus each day.

Judy and her husband Greg are members of Westminster, and she dabbles in creating art as much as her busy life will allow. Judy is currently experimenting in paint pouring techniques, pixel art, as well as pastels.

It's too big to fit on any of my wall space here at home, but I think it will look great hanging in the church sanctuary wall.... or perhaps in a winery!?

PS: Happy 30th Anniversary to Jan and Hunt!


  1. Judy. I love it! Thanks again for brunch on Saturday! Just whatbI needed. Kelley

  2. Or perhaps on one of my wals... until you find a home. But a winery... that's a great idea.

    Nice seeing you kelley and you should of seen Judy shakin' her money maker on Saturday. We are both paying for it now.

  3. Ann, you do have big enough walls for this picture.... and you keep referring to this “money-maker” thing…. I believe mine is not generating too much income these days!