Monday, August 9, 2010

Heart Art

8-9-10 creative brain
Another art-like project I have finally finished this last week, has been in-the-works since last winter. This project, like the pig paper mache painting, is a project that is great for kids of all ages.

My friend, Julia, and her mother Amy, were visiting from Ohio at the end of December and since Julia and I love crafting together, I made up this heart painting project.

I cut heart shapes out of form core and the challenge was to create some colorful hearts for each season, along with a few miscellaneous ones. My goal was to get 12 hearts. Since the hearts had wet paint when they left, they were not allowed to take any home with them. I had something else in mind.

A month after, in January was Julia’s birthday, so from the painted hearts which I photographed I had a calendar made for her as a reminder throughout the year of her visit. I used “”.

A few of the hearts I attached a magnet to the back and these have become small gifts I have mailed to her through out the year, like for Valentines Day.

Now I have a few hearts left which last week due to spontaneous creativity, I have turned into a flower door hanging.

This last gift of hearts will be delivered to Julia and Amy in September when we make a quick visit on our way to visit Greg’s family in Ohio. Greg and I will also be attending a Cleveland Browns pre-season game. Oh no, I’ll be a football widow again come September.

PS: This door hanging is all made of form core.

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  1. Very cute and I love the way you have dived them in smaller special gifts.