Saturday, August 7, 2010

Still more Left than Right

8-7-10 weekend brain
My friend Ann thinks I have been talking “conservative” lately. I think she might be wondering if she is rubbing off on me.

Maybe a little..... but probably not much. I am all for the Bush tax cuts to expire. It only benefited the wealthy and only effected 7% of “small business”, many which seemed to be Law Firms. (reported on NPR)

To prove myself, I just have to read the Des Moines Register’s “Two Cent Worth” column where people can phone in brief “editorials” anonymously…. Friday there were several I agreed with.

“The largest corporations, the wealthy and the highest income earner are holding the rest of America hostage for more tax cuts. How pathetic”. Signed- some guy

The New Pledge of Allegiance: I pledge allegiance to the cash of the CFO. And to the corporation from which it came, One Congress brought and paid for, with perks and profits for them all. Signed- One the losing End

So see Ann, I might lead a conservative life, but I still think Reagan and Bush made a mess of things. Although I do NOW see that it is the whole Congress and the whole system that is corrupt and pathetic.

I wonder what we can do about it?


  1. Amen, Sister! I'm with you all the way. I lead a conservative personal life, but when it comes to legislation, I'm on the other side.

    Reagan and Bush did more harm to our country than any war ever has and Congress (save for a few) IS bought and paid for.

    I LOVE your new's gorgeous!

  2. Susan that is an interesting article, thanks for posting that Internet address in your comments.
    I have been calm for most of the summer, centered only on my small world, now I fear as I look outward, I may become irate again!

  3. It takes two parties to tango.. and I'll leave it there.

    Or... be like "Tank Man"

  4. "Tank Man", yet another reference from you which I don't understand :)

  5. I think about this all the time, "How do we effect change in this day and age of perceived apathy, indifference, fatigue?"

    I believe blogging helps a great deal. Comments on blog sites, newspaper sites, political web sites. We have more access to news and information than ever and more opportunity to put our two cents in. I read comments on political sites. I hear many different views and perceptions and it is helpful. Even the crap I think ridiculous gives a good idea of what the "other side" is thinking.

    Knowledge is power.

  6. How can you lead a conservative personal life effectively and not think it could work through legislation? Quite an oxymoron don't you think? Also, it may not be fair but those in this country who have the money create jobs and invest and for those of who work for others, which is most of us aren't wyou happy they chose to invest in you? And about the oil spil - It is tragic however what would you do without oil? Did you turn on your lights today or drive? If you're seriuos about living without oil, than live without. Kelley

  7. I probably am an oxymoron.... maybe just a moron.... I do have a hybrid and drive put less miles on my car than most people do, even when I go to KC once a month.... since I work at home and walk more places in Beaverdale.

    I just don't see how a tax cut for wealthy has helped much since Bush started it. IT's been down hill since then.

  8. Back to Tank Man-- the lone bystander who made in stan in Tianemen Square, June 1989. Pictures are worth more than a 1000 words.

  9. Oh yea, I call that guy "the Tiananmen Square guy"... but Tank guy works too!

  10. No his name is "tank man" and I hope he is still alive.. so you see my reference to the lady in the parking area in Toronto. You too can be like "Tank Man". ;0)