Friday, August 20, 2010

Food for thought, food for healing

8-20-10 hungry brain
Several of us Allison Avenue girlfriends were excited to get a new neighbor last year, or has it been two years now? Our new gal on the street is Debbie, and she has been the perfect addition: fun to hang with, great hostess and cook, interesting life…. Deb is like my alter-ego since she works in the food industry and has a job I might have had if I had gotten into that field after receiving my Masters Degree in food science and nutrition.

Through Debbie, I have met other “food/nutrition” people, many who got their degrees at Iowa State University. Her friend Jeanne, being laid off from a great job as a food editor for Better Homes and Garden magazines, has written a “healing” cook book which sounds like a fun read. Jeanne’s daughter also took part in the book. The book, "Heartbreak Recovery Kitchen” is a bit tongue in cheek, and along with recipes, it provides ideas on how to relax and laugh.

For those of you who love cook books... check this out!
Here is the Website:
And their blog is HERE:


  1. If you go to blog today, you will see a great looking pie recipe, will someone try make it for me? I know I could do it... but feel so out of touch with my kitchen these days!

  2. How about if I make the pie recipe for the neighborhood party coming up? What is your favorite fruit combination for pie?
    And thanks for the fun post. Hope people check out Heartbreak Recovery Kitchen's blob/website. Great stuff!

  3. I LOVE Peach! Also I have some frozen rhubarb from my garden I would give you! I've learned I will eat most everything YOU make Debbie! :)

  4. Rhubard would be a great mix with something..... Anxious for the party. Always fun to have someone to cook for.

  5. I hope I get to come to the neighborhood party! Thanks for the mention Judy. That was soooo nice.

  6. Well of course rhubarb and strawberry always a good combination. Mango and Peach would be good maybe. I do like cherry pie also! Loved to see you Jeanne!