Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Little Pretties"

8-24-10 buying "Made in America" brain
Speaking of spending money yesterday.... I bought a lovely piece of jewelry for my friend Molly's Birthday.... I know... Molly doesn't REALLY need one more piece of jewelry.... but when I saw this one particular necklace, it was really screaming her name.... and it is Molly's big 5 - 0 birthday.... and Molly wears bright jewelry so well. I wanted to get her something special.

The creator of this jewelry is a Des Moines artist and I was happy to spend my money locally to help support her talent. Here is her (Cara Veeder) Etsy site "Little Pretties".

Pictured here is a similar, but shorter version of the necklace I gave to Molly, Cara did this custom order for me.... and she can create one just to suit your needs, if you are interested.


  1. I love that. So pretty.

  2. Splendid Look Judy, I love my necklace and have it packed and ready to go on vacation with me.

  3. Thank you Judy! It looks great on you!! :) (And thank you for the publicity. I really appreciate it!)