Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gardening is complicated

8-3-10 confused brain

Last Thursday the hot weather finally broke a bit and the humidity was down, so I used an hour of vacation time to do some weeding out in the front garden.

I headed out at 7:30 AM covered in bug repellent and started tackling the weeds and overgrown mess. For some strange reason, as I was pulling out unwanted plants, I started thinking and getting “philosophical” about Arizona… (so bare with me on this)…

A few years ago, a plant entered my garden. I started to like this plant since it produced berries which the Robins enjoy eating in the fall. Molly warned me that this was an invasive plant and would spread. But since I found value in this plant I allowed it to stay for a few years.

Molly was right….. my garden NOW is totally out of hand. Over the last few years I did not keep this plant under control. I got distracted by Greg in Kansas City (i.e… distracted by making large profits with cheap labor, distracted by war, distracted by arguing between the political parties…. etc). I only have myself to blame, since I was not doing my job as a gardener.

Now what do I do? Well, I’ve got to invest some time in this garden now, probably more time and work than it would have taken to keep it in control over the past few years. I think I can understand what Arizona wants to do. Doesn’t the weeding need to start some place?

But what do I do about my hungry Robins, who thrive on these delicious berries? I like attracting birds to my yard. I get a lot of enjoyment out of bird watching in my yard.

By now, I had been out weeding for an hour and a half and the 9:00AM church bells rang and my body was starting to get worn out. It was time to stop for now, even though there was still so much more work to be done. At this point, I thought to myself, “boy, I could sure use a source of some cheap $5 an hour labor to finish the job for me” …. Oh no… did I just say that?... guess that is just an example of ME wanting it both ways.

By now, you are probably as confused as I am about my “philosophical thoughts on Arizona”.

Gardening is complicated, immigration is complicated....


  1. Invasive plants suck the life out of you :D Buy some round-up and be done with it.

  2. Greg’s got the Round-Up in the garage, but I never get it out to use.. wow this immigration parallel IS uncanny!

  3. as lovely as ferns are, mine are so overgrown- there's more and more each year, and i'm told they were planted over 50 years ago- they thrive here, which is great, but they take up the space of everything else and don't let anything else show thru....

    good luck getting yours under control!

  4. Judy, so wise and willing to see the other side, much like me. That's why we are "peas n carrots". I see the analogy completely, at first, the plant was no harm, did some good to the Robins then it multiplied and took over, now you have to do damage control. Will it be comfortable, no... will it hurt someone... yes, does the end justify the means.... yes... but someone has to make a stand.

    Last week while in Toronto, we were waiting to get out of a parking area (the million people Caribbean parade). It took us an hour to move from the back of the parking area to the front and we had a ½ to get to the exit. Cars were coming from the rear, making their own lane and then squeezing in at the exit-way… not waiting like the rest. One brave women got out and took a stand that we are waited our turn to get to the exit way, you can’t make your own lane… she stood there like “Tank Man” in front of the oncoming cars… moved left/right with the cars until her car go to the exit-way. I said “wow, what a brave person… standing her ground in a sea of angry drivers”. She made a stand and I say Arizona is making their own stand. Other states will follow as the illegal residents will move.

  5. Interesting story Ann.
    PS: glad you are my friend!