Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Working it out!

8-11-10 meditation brain
I found some relief Tuesday afternoon, I went for an acupuncture treatment. I can’t believe what I put my 54 year old body through at times.

After all the rain Sunday night…. I was determined to improve the patio drainage situation. I hope I did OK, since I didn’t get to discuss this with Greg "the engineer"..... really, he is a civil engineer by degree.

Since the ground was soft mud, but heavy mud… I took the opportunity to dig a trench and fill it with river rock…. 500 lbs of river rock!

The nice guy, at the hardware store, loaded the 10 bags, 50 lbs each, into the Prius, but I had to move them to the garden area!

My whole body is stiff and sore… but I was surprised by my improved strength since I have been lifting some arm weights for a few months. I guess “use it or loose it” really applies.

Thanks for all of you who have offered help. I need to learn how to ask and accept help… but I was on an urgent mission to get this done Monday afternoon, and I missed several of your phone and email messages. I am glad I acted fast, since it did rain again Monday night …. 2.5 more inches… and as of midnight Tuesday... it is pouring down again... AND I'm up late Tuesday night, can't seem to sleep.

PS: I met with a sump pump guy and plan to proceed with this sometime down the road once I can discuss all the options with Greg. It may be several more months, since we will need to save up some money for this. We have been dipping into savings lately, a little too much for my comfort.


  1. Darn you Judy for not calling in for reinforcement... but very proud of you getting the trench done. I'll stop by this afernoon and you deserve a treat... Davy Jones on Thursday. I can pick you up ;)

  2. Hey Hey I am a Monkey... but not sure if I am physically up to it. I am not sleeping well and feel so tired this week.

  3. Oh Judy! Wish I could be there to help you! Please know I am there in spirit. And I'm certain Kelley will help, just say the word. Oh my goodness you have been going through a lot lately. But I am so glad you are sharing all your experiences, insights and struggles. Can't tell you how much it helps me to sort through my life 'issues'. Just wish I had half your strength. You go girl!

  4. Judy, let me know what I can do this weekend to help.