Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Porch curtains

8-4-10 copy-cat brain
Earlier this summer I was reading one of my usual blogs I follow, which is about living in a smaller home: The Jewel Box Home... and I came upon this picture of a porch which looked so charming, comfortable and an inviting place to hang out. HERE

I thought to myself if I ever have a house with a porch, I'm going to hang a curtain like this.

Then the funny thing is when I was spending time at the KC house in late July....

.... Greg was complaining about the sun coming in the front door in the late afternoon and heating up the living room. It was then I realized I do have a porch which NEEDS a curtain.

So I added a functional curtain and an old chair. I never thought my wish would come true so fast! It's not as charming as it could be, but it's a start.


  1. I've been looking at the shades and outdoor curtains in one of my latest magazines and trying to figure out if it would work on my deck. The country wind would probably tear them into shreds. I love the look!

  2. Pretty "simple"... we used an old shower rod to hang this piece of broad cloth which I just hem sewn in at the top. The rod doesn't show since it up under the porch.