Friday, August 13, 2010

Trailblazer ?

8-13-10 surviving brain
I happened upon this book at just the right time in my life, and it changed me. I crossed paths with this book in April of 2007 when Greg and I were on vacation at the Grand Canyon and I bought it mostly because it contained information about the woman, Mary Jane Colter, who designed and built the look-out tower on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

I ended up painting a picture of this tower.... It was a very large painting (5ft x 4ft) done for the Westminster Fall Art Show in 2007.

The timing... Spring 2007 was just at the time Greg was going to take the temporary work assignment in Kansas City (permanent for now). The examples of the strong, brave women in that book and reading about what they accomplished, inspired me greatly. Most of these women had non-traditional life styles and this helped me decide that I, too, could take on the new challenge of living unconventionally... "split in two".

Often, when I am stressing over this life of mine, I think of the stories of these women and I too want to be a "trailblazer" of sorts.... so I persevere....
for awhile longer.

PS: Friday the 13th today! Good, finally a lucky day for me!
Hummmm.... Now I am begining to think in the past I had posted a blog about this book last year... oh well, it is worth repeating.


  1. It sounds inspiring, Judy, wow. I haven't heard of it, but now I'll look.

    And you are pretty amazing. I didn't realize, or if I did, I forgot, that you paint. That painting is gorgeous. My friend Inge just got back from vacation in Montana, and I'm realizing we need to get out West next year. I think we're finally going to do the road trip we've wanted to do. I could read this book first, or take it along . . .

  2. Ruth, I know you will enjoy the spirit of the west by reading this book either before or after your trip!