Thursday, August 26, 2010

The change has started

8-26-10 unhurried brain
A break in the hot humid weather AT LAST! Tuesday and Wednesday have been wonderful. 70 degree temps and even in the 50’s last night….. SUPERB sleeping weather. There is definitely a feel of fall in the air this week. The timing is perfect since school started this week, and we will be having our annual neighborhood block party on our street in DM this weekend.

With the cooler weather, comes the semi-annual “test”…. Wondering if, with the change of season, will I still be able to fit into my old clothes. In the spring, the challenge is to fit into shorts and swim suit. In the fall, the challenge is to see if my jeans still fit OK. After wearing dresses and shorts all summer long, it really feels weird to put on long pants.

I am pleased with myself, and am happy to report, my jeans which are now 5 years old… still fit just fine! It’s not always easy for a woman to keep her weight stable when you are in your 50’s…. but it is possible.

The return to school signals back to routine for many families, as the rush of sports and other school activities return…. But for me, autumn is when I find myself slowing down (running out of energy) and allowing my body to enter into the upcoming season of hibernation and rest.

Looking back this year, spring and summer was my time to accomplish and be productive, and I did make a lot of progress in many projects. Now, I will have to leave some things undone, as I now pull back a bit and use winter to recharge as I plan for future projects when that spring burst of energy returns.


  1. You've worked much harder than I have this summer, you deserve a break. I've been relaxing and lounging all summer, so I feel like I need to get motivated again!

  2. Dont you think it is alittle early to be thinking about Winter Hibernation! We still have an Indian Summer to look forward to! Please dont rush winter....I want time to SLOW down. Love and Kisses my sister.

  3. Yes, I have worked very hard this summer.... and agree I am in no hurry for winter, but I do need to rest up, especially if we have another "hard" winter like last year.... I'm hoping we won't. I would not even miss the snow if we didn't get any this winter.

  4. Jan... count on me to pull Judy out of hibernation before Dec 1..... karakoe will perk her up this fall.

    Enjoy your cool weather week, w/end w/ your two boys.