Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peace sisters

3-25-09 peaceful brain
I had dinner with Carolyn and Sue, my two “best” Allison Ave neighbor girlfriends last night. This was good timing, we not only were able to finally celebrate Sue’s birthday which was last week, but this was also good to ground me and to connect me back with Des Moines. This will be important as I continue to live my life split in two.

I’m glad I don’t have to give up my DM house and neighbors…. for the time being. I’m so blessed to live in a close knit street. Our neighborhood, the stretch of Allison Avenue between Beaver Avenue and 44th Street, is made up of about 40 houses. There are 21 houses on the north side of the street and about 17 houses on the south side since Westminster Church is on the corner of the south side. I know everyone who lives in each of these houses, of course to varying degrees. We have several social activities throughout the year and this helps us get acquainted. It started out with our annual block party in the fall, which has been doing on before Greg and I moved here….. then over the years we have added others, such as an ice cream social in the summer, or a Margarita deck party, or a progressive wine & dessert party, or a Christmas Caroling party. The Allison Avenue ladies also find other occasions to get together such as Silpada parties, or Pampered Chief parties.

There are so many interesting neighbors I enjoy spending time with, but over the 16 years Carolyn, Sue and I have bonded to be my closest friends. We all belong to Westminster, the Presbyterian church on the corner and we have been very active in many committees there. We started calling ourselves the peace sisters… starting when Carolyn put a *peace sign on her door and gave one to me, then we gave one to Sue. So as people drive down our street, they may think it weird to see the same door decoration on three houses.

Carolyn and Sue were such a godsend in helping care for our diabetic cat Missy whenever I was away from home over the last 2.5 years. Friendships like this are precious! The three of us are committed to taking care of each the best we can. This has ranged from supporting Carolyn through her breast surgery and Sue through her divorce and me through my split KC/DM adventure..... and many other difficult times.... and GOOD times was well.


(Picture from 2005)

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  1. Every time I get my acacia catalog, I think of you! :)